Wild And Free Dog Food Reviews

Wild and free dog food is a variety of taste packages from Pure Balance brand, an exclusive Walmart brand that is a very popular pet food in the United States. Pure Balance brand is quite popular as it is Walmart exclusive brand that can be found in any Walmart. It is a popular choice by many vets, and pet owners, with myriad varieties of Wild and free dog food taste, and many more.

This article will show you the wild and free dog food reviews, how good is it for the dog, why they are quite popular among many pet owners and vets, as well as how good their taste is compared with many other pet food brands. If you want to choose the best for your pet, make sure you understand how to choose the best pet foods, what ingredients you should look out for, avoid, and then many more.

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Wild And Free Dog Food Reviews

How Good Is It The Wild And Free From Pure Balance Dog Food?

From the official pet advisors rating, the pure and balanced, wild and free pet foods obtain 4.5 out of 5-star ratings, with many good online reviews, as well as a customer review on them. Check on the Amazon prices, along with the Walmart product reviews.

First, we will need to talk about the wide variety of tastes from the wild and free dog food as you can see, there are many variations, from chicken and peas to potato venison. Now, we will talk about the most usual one we would find in the market, the chicken and pea taste for the wild and free, pure balance dog food.

Nutritional Analysis

The main ingredients in the wild and free, pure balance dog food are, you guessed it, chicken and dried peas. It also contains chicken meals, dried potatoes, turkey meals, pea starch, and preserved chicken fats. It offers natural flavor, with authentic natural ingredients.

It has quite a good amount of proteins, with low fats, but has high carbs contents, so you need to watch out for the obesity of your dog, due to the high carbohydrate. However, aside from the high carbohydrate contents, it doesn’t have any dangerous and questionable items inside this dog food, however, it contains some items such as dried peas, dried plain beet pulp, and pea protein.

It is at least 37 % of carbohydrates, 25% of protein, and with 36% of fats. The main ingredient of chicken, as it is raw chicken with more than 73% of water content, which after processing, will have a fraction of the chicken’s original weight. There is also the chicken meal, or a high concentration of meat concrete made of chicken contains more than 300% of fresh protein from chicken meat.

The next ingredient is dried peas, it is a naturally good source of fiber and carbohydrates, this is the reason why this brand has higher contents of carbohydrates you should watch. Well, technically it shouldn’t be the problem so long as your dog had enough exercise and walking to burn off the excess carbs, It is also rich in dietary fiber that could help your dog’s digestive system.

Next, there is also dried potato, alongside the peas, which is yet another source of carbs, plus it also contains at least 10% dry potato protein, which will affect the total contents of protein.

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Wild And Free Dog Food Review


The Pure Balance, a Wild and free version of dog food is a pretty great type of dog food you can give to your dog. It offers a wide variety of tastes, from beef and wild boar, lamb, chicken and peas, potato venison, and many more, with a total of more than 8 different tastes you can get to your dog. Not only that, but it is also rated among the great pet foods for its taste, and nutritional content.

It also has great prices, especially if you buy it in bulk, so in conclusion, the wild and free dog food are great choices for your dog, and it is among the best Pure balance brand can offer. Still, you will need to taste test with your dog, to find the best for your dog, while also trying to look out for any potentially dangerous content such as palm oil, chicken fats, too much carb, and many more.