The Tidy Breeze Cat Litter System Discontinued

Short answer, no, the news about the tidy breeze cat litter system being discontinued is not true. Breeze litter systems, Breeze litter pellet refills, and Breeze pads are still available for purchase at a variety of retailers, including online and pet speciality stores. Pet owners, or in this case, cat owners, are always on the lookout for ways to have less inconvenience out of scooping the litter out of a box.

Self-clean, automatic cat litter boxes are expensive when it doesn’t guarantee they will always work as well as promised, and they be disappointed in the end. If you’re looking for an alternative solution to your traditional litter box, consider Tidy’s cat breeze litter box system.

The Tidy Breeze Cat Litter System Discontinued

The Breeze Litter System

The tidy breeze cat litter system includes a three-piece shifting litter box and a slide-out tray with a highly absorbent pee pad. The breeze cat litter box contains unique cat litter pellets designed to dehydrate solid waste, making it easier to get quick work of scooping the litter box. Keep reading to find out the review of this breeze cat litter system from Tidy and its component. And not for the false news of the tidy breeze cat litter system discontinued.

Tidy has a unique product, combining the basic feature of sifting litter boxes with innovative products like special cat litter pellets with their breeze cat litter system. The litter box contains three pieces -a base, a top, and a sifter. The quality of the materials is sturdy and assembling. It was pretty straightforward, although snapping the pieces together was litter bit tricky.

Once the boxed assembled, all the pieces stayed together well, were easy to use, and took no time to pour in the pellets, put the cat pat to slide out the tray, and it was ready to be used. The Tidy breeze cat litter box system comes with its own unique scoop with slots big enough to accommodate the pellets.

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When the Tidy breeze cat litter system was tested, it was found that the cat used the box for urinating but did not use the box for solid waste at all. In general, the testing cat, however, tends not to like non-traditional litter for feces but will likely use it for liquid waste.

The pellets absorb a little bit of the urine liquid as it passes quickly down to the pee pad, which is very absorbent. The unit containing the pad itself contains the odours well, only noticed the smell when the tray was pulled out as we were going to be changing the pad. While in comparison, the odour for the number 2 business didn’t control feces odor as well as it would urine. So the feces still smell, but that doesn’t mean the tidy breeze cat litter system discontinued.

To summarize, it seems the Tidy breeze cat litter box system would be a good option for a single cat, and able to take the time to transition your cat (or kitten), but some cats are just don’t like the size of the pellets and may not suitable for a multi-cat household.


  • The box has a simple 3-piece sturdy construction and quickly assembles.
  • Feces remain on top while the liquid soaks through.
  • The Pee pad is easy to change and has a good urine odour control


  • The pellets are tricky to scoop because they are larger than a traditional litter
  • The feces odor control doesn’t work as well as the urine does.
  • Some cats simply don’t like the pellets.

Is The Tidy Breeze Cat Litter System Worth It?

The Tidy Breeze Cat Litter System Discontinued

The concept of the Tidy breeze cat litter system is lovely; unfortunately, some aspects of the product didn’t impress us. Some of the aspects were good, sturdy material for the box and a very easy slide-out pee tray, but the pellets were a no for us because they were bigger and difficult to scoop, and some cats don’t like to dump their solid waste on it, plus side, they contain urine odour great.

On their website, Tidy did state that the breeze cat litter system is recommended for single-cat use and suggested using a single unit per cat, plus one extra. If you’re looking for a littler box that will help you cut down maintenance time, the Tidy breeze cat litre box system does have an upside, but it may take time and not be as easy to transition some cats to the pellets, and the cost might be ineffective for a multi-cat owner.

There you go. Is it still a question that the tidy breeze cat litter system discontinued? Because you can find it available online or in pet stores closer to you, or you can buy it in major online retailers as well.