The Best Dog Food For Pitbulls With Skin Allergies

Pitbull, also known as pitbull terriers, have the reputation of being courageous and heroic dogs. This naturally active and friendly that needs a lot of exercises will be eager to please when they are well raised, with their intelligent and inquisitive self. They are friendly, adore, and are patient with children and making them wonderful family dogs.

Although, like any other dog, pitbull face the same problem, which is health issues, one of them is they have a low defence against allergies because of their short hair and dermatological problem, which a medical talk for skin allergies cost, grass, skin parasites, and pollen.

Before we broach the subject of the best diet dog food for pitbull with skin allergies, we need to know how it occurred. It can be caused by the soap you use to wash the dog’ or even the shampoo, though most of their allergies are environment-related, which we cannot blame. There are also contact allergies, combined with irritants, and it can be worst.

The Best Dog Food For Pitbulls With Skin Allergies

Well, overall, allergies are a very wide and diverse topic to be discussed and peeled off; you need to pay more attention to the grooming, and also the important thing of all is their food, their inability of the diet you put them on. Although, first thing first, bring him to the vet when he starts to do some scratching for quick checkups.

Need to be noted that there’s a really thin line between intolerance and allergies; allergies can happen when the dog’s immune system compromise and mistakenly identify some substance as hazardous. While intolerance is all about the gut, when a doggy isn’t able to digest a certain substance, that doesn’t qualify to be called an allergy.

The Diet For The Pitt

The AFFCO, the association of American feed control officials, advises feeding an adult dog 18% protein; for a pup, the protein consistency should be higher than with the adult at 22%. Although addressing skin allergy is not about giving them a skin allergy food customized for Pitts (short for pitbull). There is much more to consider to help prevent allergies from affecting the quality of their life; not just as simple as establishing the best diet dog food for pitbull with skin allergies.

Some of the food you gave them might be a trigger allergy for them, maybe some of the proteins sourced on the food, or some of them allergic to fish, lamb, maybe beef, pork, or even dairy product. There will be no clear indications about which food is a source of allergy until the dog’s body reacts to it in a negative way. In another word, every Pitts reacts differently to their food, and what your Pitt’s allergic to is not always going to be the same as what the other people’s Pitt are allergic to.

You can find out which type of food your Pitt is allergic to by putting the food on their diet for a few weeks. If the dog’s exhibiting allergic symptoms, that’s where you investigate the main ingredients of the food. Then list the possibility of the suspect and which item it is, and once you have an idea which one it is, you can go to the vet to confirm with testing a patch test.

You can also take samples from the Pitt’s eyes, mouth, or ear when you don’t want to put your dog through all of that experiments and send the samples to the vet to be checked, and after that, you will know and determine which food you need to be avoid and establish best diet dog food for pitbull with skin allergies.

There is a safe attribute list of diets for your Pitt, which is limited ingredients, novel ingredients, and prescribed or customized by the vet.

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The Diet For The Pitt

Food And Ingredients To Avoid

As stated, there are no definitive things to be concluded as harmful to dogs, but generally speaking, there are some of them that are more likely to cause irritations. Maybe instead of avoiding them, maybe proceed with caution.


Wheat, corn, and soy are the groups that are known for not agreeing with Pitt’s stomach. While the dog will need carbs, grains take time to be digested, and this type of food is notorious for causing or even worsening skin allergies in dogs. Substitute them for barley, rice, or oatmeal for the carbohydrates food.


One of the infamous products to most likely cause an allergy turns out it is the same for humans and dogs; although some dairy products have a rich protein, always proceed with caution when using these ingredients. The enzymes in it can be one of the things that can cause allergic reactions, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it altogether; maybe lower the amount.

You need to avoid food that contains salt, artificial preservatives, flavours, and sugar. Need to be noted that these are only possibilities, and every Pitts reacts differently because it varied depend on your dog’s immune system.

Providing all the nutrients for your Pitt is important, and their diet can be varied from dog to dog. This guideline may help you with navigating what is the best diet dog food for pitbull with skin allergies. This general guideline is a form of informative information for you, and going to your vet first is the best move.

With that out of the way, the macronutrient ratio requires for Pitts is 50% protein, 20% carbohydrate, and 30% of fat. These are the basic and general guidelines for their food. Check with your vet and ask if they will need any special diets or not.

Then what is the best diet dog food for pitbull with skin allergies? Always take preservative, high-quality, and flavour-free foods into consideration before you choose to buy any food product for your Pitts. Selecting their food carefully will help not just improve their health but also the quality of life of your dog.

If you plan on buying food products for your Pitts, these are some of the brands of best diet dog food for pitbull with skin allergies:

Blue Wilderness Grain-Free Adult Dry Dog Food

The Best Dog Food For Pitbulls With Skin Allergies

Contains omega-3 and 6s helping to promote coat health and skin health, with no chicken, poultry, or other common allergens. Include minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins, perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs. This food aims to give the best nutrition, with several supplements in the ingredients targeting to improve the health of your dog, and the fish flavour will draw their appetite for most dogs.

They claim to be the best diet dog food for pitbull with skin allergies. This product has a delicate and delicious recipe and is easy for dogs to digest.

Pro: they use natural ingredients, potatoes for the carbs, and real salmon for dogs that are allergic to chicken and meat. Calcium and phosphorus for tooth and bone health, omega-3 and 6s for coal and skin health, no grains, wheat or soy.

Cons: it will take your dog time to adjust to the food because of the higher level of waste.

Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free Dog Food

The Best Dog Food For Pitbulls With Skin Allergies

Grain-free is the best diet dog food for pitbull with skin allergies or intolerances, with the ingredients designed for large breeds made in the USA. their recipe has a small percentage of grain-free carbs, which is the best for Pitts, fruits, and potatoes for the carbs, and vegetables. All wellness core recipes are not containing flavour enhancers, fillers, or artificial colours and only contain 1-2 clearly defined animal protein sources. They are a good choice of food for sensitive and allergic dogs.

Pros: No artificial colours, flavours, or additives; other words, Naturally Hypoallergenic. Fresh turkey is the main ingredient with a high concentration of the mean, omega 3 fatty acid flaxseed, grain, and gluten-free salmon oil for coat and healthy skin.

Cons: this product is not formulated for pregnant or nursing Pitts.

Hill’s Science Dog Food For Sensitive Skin And Stomach

The Best Dog Food For Pitbulls With Skin Allergies

This product is the best choice of food product for puppies with sensitive skin and stomachs. The formula is packed with important nutrients, including omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E, for basic coat and skin health. The formula works well with some dogs than other brands, although it may sometime cause a to relieve digestive problems.

Pros: Nutritionists and vets have approved this product; best for sensitive stomachs and are easily digestible with vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids, and fibre.

Cons: Kibble pieces are bigger and not advisable for puppies under 10 pounds, and they are expensive, which is depending on your perspective; such a high-end product, which can worth the price for your pup.

There is more on the list of food than the best diet dog food for pitbull with skin allergies, but the most important thing for your pup is to always consider going to the vet and consulting the best and right diet for your dogs. This article is meant to be a piece of informative information and put as a guide and not to be the definitive answer.