Merrick Small Breed Dog Food

There are many differences between small and regular breed dog food. The diets for small breeds are formulated to have higher energy content and are packed with rich nutrients, different for medium and large breeds. In general, small breeds have a faster metabolic rate, with them having a more excellent ratio of the body surface area to body weight. The Merrick small breed dog food has generally been considered a good quality brand that has healthy ingredients that are suitable for the majority of dogs.

Merrick Small Breed Dog Food

Small Dogs Need High-Calorie Content

Our cute small breeds of four-legged friends are on the smaller end of the spectrum, which makes them have a very fast metabolism, from newborn to their cute puppy time and until they mature and fully grown. They require a diet that will accommodate their need for higher-calorie food. Even though they have a high metabolism, it doesn’t mean you will need to feed them more. You need to ration their diets to prevent them from gaining weight quickly.

Attention To The Food Size

The size of the kibble for small breeds is generally smaller than food for the bigger breeds because smaller breeds have smaller jaws and smaller mouths also make it easier for their gastrointestinal system to digest. Bigger breeds have jaws and are able to handle larger size kibble.

The Merrick small breed dog food recipe of dry dog food provides natural nutrition with a wholesome balance of protein, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, combined into smaller kibble sizes for our pint-size friend. Merrick starts with real farm fresh deboned chicken, with fresh produce of healthy blend of whole grains including quinoa and oatmeal with healthy skin and coat with omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids.

Ingredients And Nutrition Matter

Merrick Small Breed Dog Food

Even the ingredients for your pets are different based on their size, bigger breeds contain extra calcium for their bone development or added supplements the larger breed needs, and food for smaller breeds will be carefully made and formulated to provide the right amount of nutrition and calories for the proper growth of their bodies.

The classic recipe from the Merrick small breed dog food definitely has potato and gain without any artificial flavours or colours; they packed it in smaller kibble that is just perfect with all the protein and nutrition for the pup.

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About The Brand

Merrick is not any typical pet food company, and they don’t just make pet food; they make the best food for your loved pet, with 5 stars quality as promised Merricks guarantees to cats and dogs. They create real quality and wholesome recipes using fresh produce for industry-leading level protein, glucosamine, chondroitin, and USDA-inspected deboned meat.

USA farmers in Hereford, Texas, are trusted by Merrick to handcrafted their foods product with no sweeteners, additives, preservatives, or colours; it really is real food with freshly caught fish and high-quality meats; those are Merrick’s core for every Merrick cat and dog food.

Merrick has been a trusted brand since 1988, serving premium quality food at a relatively affordable price compared to the other high-end brands. They use human-grade ingredients in their product and guarantee it is safe for our pets to consummate because it is also safe for human consumption.

Merrick Small Breed Dog Food

However, in 2015, Merrick was bought off by Nestle-Purina, giving us a slight worry whether the product will be different or whether the formulas of the food will be altered and changed since the takeover and have people looking for different brands and will be disappointed, but, Merrick has promised their loyal customer that they will keep the quality of the productions the same as it before the buyout.

The Merrick small breed dog food has been cooking its own food in its Texas kitchen for over 25 years. They guarantee 100% best quality for their products. Promising your pets will have a healthier and happier life by providing you to feed them the best food for your pet best friend. Because their customer reviews only proving it further that Merrick truly is the brand that we can trust to provide the best quality foods. So, no need to switch products, and if you’re a first-timer looking for good quality products, try Merric’s.