How to Kill Squirrels With Aspirin

How to Kill Squirrels With Aspirin? Many people are looking for ways to kill squirrels because these rodents can cause a lot of damage to your property. They can dig holes in your yard, chew on your plants, and even get into your home through small openings. While there are many methods for killing squirrels, using aspirin is one of the most effective and humane methods.

How to Kill Squirrels With Aspirin?

How to Kill Squirrels With Aspirin

Step 1: Kill the squirrels with aspirin by mixing it into their food. For example, if they eat peanuts, crush up some aspirin and put it in the bowl of peanuts. Aspirin contains an active ingredient called salicylate which can damage a squirrel’s nervous system and kill them quickly.

Step 2: Choose another method if your dog will be eating the peanuts with the squirrels. If your dog eats the peanuts, they could also die from aspirin poisoning. Instead, you may want to use a different method to kill the squirrels and keep your pet safe. One alternative is setting out poison bait that only the squirrels can get into.

Step 3: Cover the area where you put the peanuts with marbles or stones. Squirrels are curious creatures, and they may eat the nuts even if they are not in their original container. If your squirrels are eating from a feeder, place some marbles or stones around it to keep them away from the bait.

Step 4: Wait for the squirrels to die before removing them from your property. Depending on how much aspirin you used and how sick they get, it can take several hours or days for them to die once they’ve ingested the poison. It is important to give them enough time to pass away so that you do not have to deal with an injured animal that may still be alive when you remove it.

How Does Aspirin Work?

Aspirin works by causing an animal’s blood vessels to constrict. This leads to a decrease in blood flow, which in turn causes organ damage and eventual death. Of all the methods for killing squirrels, aspirin is one of the most humane because it causes the least amount of suffering. It is also relatively easy to administer, which makes it a good choice for those who are not experienced in using lethal methods.

How to Administer Aspirin to Squirrels

The best way to administer aspirin to squirrels is by mixing it with their food. You can either put the aspirin directly into their food bowl or you can put it into a piece of fruit that they will eat. Once the aspirin is mixed with the food, the squirrel will consume it and eventually die.

Is Aspirin Effective?

How to Kill Squirrels With Aspirin

Yes, aspirin is an effective way to kill squirrels. However, it is important to note that it takes several days for the aspirin to take effect. This means that you need to be patient and wait for the squirrel to die before removing its body from your property.

There is no single best product to kill squirrels. Some people may prefer products that are highly effective, such as poisons or traps. Others may be more concerned with choosing a method that is safe and humane, such as the use of aspirin. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which method will work best for your individual situation. To learn more about the different methods for killing squirrels, talk to a pest control professional in your area.


Aspirin is an effective and humane method for killing squirrels. If you are having problems with these rodents on your property, we recommend giving this method a try. Just be sure to mix the aspirin with their food or put it into a piece of fruit that they will eat, and then wait for several days as the squirrel slowly dies from organ damage. Good luck!