How To Euthanize A Cat With Over The Counter Drugs

How to euthanize a cat with over the counter drugs? It’s that time to say goodbye to your pet. Cat is a beautiful creature, we can hate them because they can be a jerk, but we can’t help but love them, bringing them into our home and making them part of our family for years, growing up beside us.

It will be hard to say goodbye when the time comes when they are too old to even enjoy life anymore or because of an incurable disease. Euthanizing or putting your cat to sleep is not a simple decision, and after you exhaust all the options, then you decide it as a last resort. Your cat is suffering; their lives are hard and have no quality in them anymore.

The next step for you to take is to go to a vet and consult about euthanizing your cat, but there are also people that decided to have their cat euthanized at home, with over the counter drugs, because sometimes putting your cat to sleep in a clinic can cost more than what you can afford, for some. This article will explain how to euthanize a cat with over the counter drugs. People believe that putting your cat to sleep at home is more comfortable than in a vet’s clinic.

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It is a heartbreaking moment and also a challenging thing for pet owners, and doing it in their homes with privacy will have some comfort for the family and the cat. Their last hours together, no stress from the ride to the clinic, and it’s more serene to do it in the comfort of your own home. Giving more time with their pet before they part forever.

Firstly, we need to make sure that we have asked, studied, and prepared for it. Knowing when is the right time, knowing if it’s too late, or that you kept it for so long that your cat is suffering, or just the right time when you start asking if you need to go through with euthanizing your cat.

Knowing When Is Time

How To Euthanize A Cat With Over The Counter Drugs

People know it’s not as simple as asking about how to euthanize a cat with over the counter drugs; it is when your pet’s health is declining that the first thing you need to do is determine your cat’s quality of life, your cat will show that they’re in pain with their behavior, like, not eating or drinking, difficulty breathing, avoiding physical contact, vomiting, excessive shaking, crying, sitting or lying in unusual positions, not wanting to go outside, confusion or disorientation, change in toilet habits, refusing to come in from the yard or the garden.

It can be difficult to assess your cat’s long-term pain because cats do not always show that they’re in pain by yowling or crying; they just tend to get quiet or change their behavior to cope with their pain, like sleeping more than they usually will. Setting a time limit to see if your cat will have an improvement in its health might be one of the sensible options.

Nowadays, veterinarian medicine can help extend your cat’s life, but it’s not necessarily good for your cat. Your cat may not be able to tell you that they’re suffering, but the cat can surely show it that she is not comfortable or having a good time anymore. This is the hardest part of it all when you finally know that there is nothing else to do to help improve your pet’s quality of life.

The fact is, there are a few cases that cats die peacefully in their sleep, it’s a sad fact, and most cats life they reach the point of their deteriorating quality of life, and that’s when it’s time to make the decision to euthanize the cat and also the time when you start looking for how to euthanize a cat with over the counter drugs.

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Choosing The Right Medicine for Home Euthanasia

Sleeping pills are the most suited drugs that can be used to give the cat a peaceful death. One of the most commonly used is pentobarbital sodium; it’s a strong and powerful anesthetic medicine that is approved by euthanizing agencies and the government. The medicine can be given through an injection or orally. Sedatives or anesthetics will help the cat to relax and away from the pain, while sleeping pills tend to cause pain.

We suggest before you use the sedative, to first consult with a vet for the appropriate amount of dosage for it to be as harmless as possible, keeping them comfortable as best as we can. So how to euthanize a cat with over the counter drugs? What is the list of drugs that can be used?


Aspirin is one of the drugs that cats are allergic to because of their slow digestive and synthesis inability; they respond adversely to it. A few doses of this drug or overdosing it will put them down peacefully in a matter of hours, a painless way to put them to sleep for a lifetime.


Usually, Benadryl is used for treating human allergies, but this drug is also known to be effective and can be used to put your cat to sleep. The suggested dose for it to be effective for euthanizing a cat is that you use 15 times higher than the regular dose for humans before giving it to your cat. This drug will effectively put your cat to a comma and then peacefully die.

Tylenol PM

This one is a commonly used over-the-counter painkiller drug to give when you need to euthanize your cat. Tylenol PM is also the most poisonous drug a cat is extremely sensitive to; they can have the most painful reaction to it, even in small doses. Larger doses can kill them, but they will feel the pain using these drugs, so it is advised to use sedative-type drugs to help sedate them and help them to be in a less painful situation for their death.


Insulin is known to be a life-saving medicine for people with diabetes, and it turns out it can drop blood glucose levels in a cat with a high amount of dose and put her to sleep. This drug can be found in a pharmacy and easily given to a cat without any professional help. A big dosage of insulin will send the cat into a coma around 10 minutes in, and then the cat will be asleep and die peacefully.

What Happened After



How To Euthanize A Cat With Over The Counter Drugs

When you have a pet, it is an inevitable thing that your pet will die before you most of the time. You become the center of their world the minute you bring your cat home, as they become yours at the same time. After you asked about how to euthanize a cat with over the counter drugs, now is the part after you proceed with the procedure and take care of the aftermath. Which is, griefing. Grief is such a simple yet hurtful feeling. Everyone grief in their own way; some can get over it quickly, but some can get depressed for weeks or even months.

Is it normal to feel sad? It is the natural thing humans can feel when their cat dies because their cat is part of their family. Do not feel embarrassed to show that you care and that you’re effective by the grief; it will take time to get over the loss of a loved one.

Most of what will settle in after dealing with your stages of grief, the guilt will always come back, it is the first feeling you felt when you started looking for a way how to euthanize a cat with over the counter drugs, and it will be the last of the grief stages to be left there, deep in the pit of your stomach. It’s going to be hard, but remember, the decision you made was taken by your love for your cat, it’s in their best interest, and in a way, it was a gift, mercy on their suffering day.

The important thing is not to let that grief mold you into an angry person. Choose to remember the good times with your pets, be comforted by that, and remember, you have taken care of your cat, nurtured them, and given them the best life a cat can have. Talk to someone, consult with them, or become a volunteer and help others get through their pet loss.

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Is A New Cat Too Soon?

Keep in mind that all cats are different, and your new cat is not a replacement for your old one if you find that you’re ready to have a new one. For some people, it may help them to move forward with a new cat, but it doesn’t mean you will forget your old cat, no, a new cat can bring you hope, joy, and laughter that you didn’t think ever grace your face for a while, and also remembering your old one will not be as hurt with the help of your new cat, or kitten.