Good and Fun Dog Treats

What do dogs find delicious in food? Dogs have the taste bud to know which ones they like and which ones they don’t like, similar to humans when it comes to food. They may not have many taste buds, 1,700 to be precise, not as many as humans, but they definitely taste which food is delicious.

They have taste buds on the tip of their tongue to be able to taste water, on the back of their throat for tasting food that doesn’t fully chew, and then scattered around to help them taste sweet, salty, and sour and know the best taste for themselves.

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The way to a human heart sometimes is through food; does it count for dogs as well? With a good treat, you can get them to do your order as you trained them; give them the treat to reinforce good behavior. Nothing is better than a good treat and getting them when they’re being a good dog. There are plenty of dog treats out there, and one of them is the Good and Fun dog treat.

What Makes It Good

Good and Fun Dog Treats

Many brands of dog treats, and not all of them are good; what they claim to be is not what the product is in delivery, they don’t meet their claim and can sometimes cause your dog some trouble for their health. Good and Fun dog treat is a premium brand for dogs, with lots of variety and sizes for this brand, and also a catchy name to be fun.

To have a healthy choice of treats for your dog is important while also still being tasty. This brand is completely natural and contains no preservatives or fillers, which is the important part because we want our dogs to get nutritious food that will help them thrive. Tasting good is just a bonus for it.

Good and Fun dog treat is purely safe, all-natural goodness in one treatment, and if your everyday food is any better, then this treat definitely has the same health-focused ingredient in it with the USDA quality chicken, fish and meat and as a bonus, certified organic veggies, botanicals, and fruit. I KNOW, what a treat.

Balance nutrition and taste to find the best-suited treatment for your pup and dogs; from chicken to cheese, and potato, a variety of treats is important to keep it interesting. The way the treats are made is important, as well as the ingredients if the food made at a high temperature can erase any nutritional value.

Good and Fun dog treat has created the ultimate product of rawhide treat with so called Triple Flavor Kabobs, which is the combination of duck, chicken and liver dog chews. Made with premium beef and pork, the gourmet kabobs also come with delicious cuts of savory ducks, hearty liver, and real chicken breast.

All of that actually sounds alluring to the human’s ear and eyes just reading the thing listed in the product. If the taste is the same as how delicious it sounds, then a Good and Fun dog treat is going to satisfy your dog’s taste buds as well as being a healthy snack and a bonus of long-lasting entertainment for your dog’s chewing urges.

Tips To Know Which Treat is Good for your Dog

Good and Fun Dog Treats

Dogs mostly love treats and food fanatics and enjoy every treat they are given by their master, but some will require a trial and error in choosing what they like, more like an adventure of finding the right treatment. You will need to test out your hungry dog and work him out before their regular daily rations and test a treat; if you test it with them having a full belly, it might be a little challenging to have them really enjoy the test and pick them.

Have several kinds of treats in individual bags, have several ranges of treats in there, maybe dry kibble, carrots, dog biscuits, a tiny bit of cheese and a freshly cooked meal, just so your dog has more than one to choose from.

The next move is to get him to sit close to you and then start to offer him the lowest value of the treats. If the dog likes it, they will gobble the treat, and you can keep the bags on your lap; if he sniffs at it, then change into the next treat and set the unpleasant treat aside.

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Pay attention to your dog as you feed them the treat, some dogs may not be picky and very food-motivated dog, but there are a bunch that is definitely picky about their treats. If your dog whines, or whimpers as you pull out a particular treat, he may just like the treat and be more favorable to it.

Next, play a game with your dog; takes out a small number of treats, set each of the different treats on the floor, then put it side by side and point to the treat so the dog will go for it; let them sniff it, and the one they eat with the utmost enthusiasm is the one that is their favorite.

Some of User Reviews on Good and Fun Products

Good and Fun Dog Treats

According to amazon review, customers give Good and Fun dog treat 4.5 out of 5 stars, and most of the reviews are positive ones. The Pet owner claimed that this brand doesn’t have any unpleasant odor residue and doesn’t leave anyone on any of the furniture or the floor when put there. Also, the treat really smells like real meat when you first open the package.

One customer said that the treats from this brand are always a hit with their dog; with the price still affordable and many flavors from the brand, they can have each brand for a variety for their dog, and so far, it has been tasty and claimed to be healthy for their dog.

Another said that she uses good ‘n’ fun to train her new dog to behave, they will give the dog a treat once they manage to follow the instruction about going in and out of the house and never give the treat when the dog has been nothing but good, and it works because this treat is delicious and the dog likes it, and it works in their favor because the dog will ask for the treat every now and then and the dog knows to behave to be able to get one.

Another satisfied pet owner says their dog loves them and is also affordable; these treats are their regular treat to buy for their dog, claiming they are small in size and perfect for training dogs; they said the ingredients are natural and healthy, and their dog loves them. The treat is crunchy but not that hard, and it gets the dog excited when the owner gives them one.

This one customer said they always read the ingredient first before they buy any product for their dogs because they are not sure about the ingredients used in the treats, and hard to tell which companies are using the right and high-quality ingredients to make the dog treat. That’s why they chose this brand because he knows and can see that the ingredients in the brand are all-natural, with no chemicals or preservatives in it, meaning they’re not worried that it will give the dog a stomachache or make him ill.

With around of solid and positive reviews, there are several negative ones that you may want to read and let you know for comparison from the excellent review about the product.

A customer wrote they had no idea that this brand had changed the recipe, and not as nearly as good anymore because their dog apparently won’t even touch the treat, and they are very disappointed in the product.

Another one wrote they are a long-time buyer of this brand, and they bought it from their local shop near where they lived and claimed to be always their dog’s favorite treat. But sadly, they had to throw out the last two bags of treats because it was moldy when they opened them and threw them out immediately.

Good and Fun Dog Treats

Another unsatisfied customer wrote that it also has been their favorite, and they bought lots of bags of the products. But the recent batch of treats seems to be lost in quality as it is so hard the pet owner can’t even break the treat with their hands, let alone their teeth, claimed to be almost as hard as a rock. They tried softening it up with hot water but were unsuccessful; they promised they won’t repurchase the product.

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These are good and bad reviews of the product, Good and Fun dog treats; there are always people that are satisfied, but there will be people that will find every flaw in the product, well we are here to be objective when we deliver all the information about this great product, and hopefully, you can find this to be informative and helped you in choosing the right treat for you.