Best Hartz Flea And Tick Topical For Dogs And Puppies

For your information, the topical formulation offers continuous monthly flea and tick prevention that is applied right to the skin of your dog. For up to 30 days, they stop re-infestation by acting fast; it’s the process of protection. Maximum security, which is important for pets.

Your pets are protected against pests by Hartz. Having dependable knowledge and a passion for animals results in a product that instructs pests to be “gone.” So, the goal has been to provide the very best protection with the best Hartz flea and tick topical for dogs and puppies.

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Best Hartz Flea And Tick Topical For Dogs And Puppies

Hartz UltraGuard Topicals for Dogs: How to Use it?

  • Step 1

Take out 1 tube from the package.

  • Step 2

To pierce the tube’s seal, twist the dispensing tip while applying downward pressure.

  • Step 3

Place the dispensing tip between the dog’s shoulder blades on its back.

  • Step 4

From the base of the tail to the shoulder blades, apply straight to the skin.


  • How long does it take for flea and tick protection to begin working after application?

This best Hartz flea and tick topical for dogs and puppies will kill freshly infested fleas on dogs within 15 minutes after the application has covered the dog’s entire body.

  • Does using this product in water impact its effectiveness?

After 48 hours, the application is waterproof.

  • When does this product expire?

No expiration date is listed on the box. We urge you to store the goods according to the directions on the label.

  • Can you use this product with a collar to prevent tick and flea bites?

It is not necessary to wear a flea and tick collar. Use this product in the manner specified on the packaging.


  • With the use of Hartz Dual Action Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs and Puppies, annoying parasites will be told to “bug off.” Each simple, one-dose tube kills fleas and its eggs, deer ticks and brown dog ticks for thirty days, halting the flea life cycle. The topical formula does not rub off which means stays on.
  • Use only on dogs and pups 3 months of age and older, weighing 61-150 pounds. A three-month supply of three applications is included in the package. Directions: Take one applicator tube out of the container, holding it upright and away from your face. Cap removed.
  • Place the cap over the jar upside-down. Next, apply pressure to the cap until the tube seal is compromised, and then carefully remove it.
  • Place the tube’s open end in the area between the animal’s shoulder blades at the base of its back, and push all the liquid out to create a line that runs from the shoulder blades to the base of the tail.
  • The region may look greasy after treatment. Recur each month. Please consult your veterinarian before using this medication on old or sick pets or on those that require treatment.
  • Bathe your pets in lots of water and mild soap if they begin to exhibit sensitive symptoms. Consult your veterinarian as soon as symptoms continue.

Features & Details

Best Hartz Flea And Tick Topical For Dogs And Puppies

  • The formulation of topical drops is very good and even effective in killing flea eggs, fleas, deer fleas, and brown dog fleas. This formulation is able to stop ticks again for 30 days.
  • Best Hartz flea and tick topical for dogs and puppies have extraordinary benefits. If there is a monthly treatment, then it is easy to use in a tube with a single dose. Lyme disease caused by deer ticks can also be treated using this product.
  • This product offers incredible advantages. It is simple to use in a tube with a single dose if there is a monthly treatment. This medicine can also be used to treat Lyme disease brought on by deer ticks.
  • The product is applied to dogs and pups weighing between 61 pounds and 150 pounds who are at least 12 weeks old. In the case of puppies, you can apply the product close to the base of the animal’s back or in the region between the shoulder blades.
  • We look for tick and flea prevention for our dogs because ticks and fleas annoy our pets and can transmit harmful diseases to both our dogs and ourselves. However, the majority of tick and flea collars sold in stores include TCVP, a hazardous substance that poses serious health risks.

The majority of tick and flea collars available in retailers, however, contain TCVP, a toxic chemical that poses substantial health hazards to our children, pets, and ourselves. By avoiding TCVP-containing products and adopting safe flea and tick control practices, such as identifying scenarios where you might expose your pets to fleas and ticks, you can safeguard your family and your pets.

There are actions you may do to seek assistance, record the incidence, and lessen any potential future harm to the larger community if you or your kid has a bad health outcome as a result of wearing a flea collar containing TCVP.

  • Avoiding Wooded or Grassy Regions: If at all possible, stay away from areas like woodlands and areas with a lot of grass that could expose you to ticks and fleas.
  • Tick and flea inspection: Check your pets for ticks and fleas every day, especially after being in a high-risk location.
  • Pet T-Shirt: This one might not be for everyone, but you can think about putting a physical barrier, like “a pet T-shirt,” on your pet while you are visiting a high-risk zone to stop bugs from crawling onto them.
  • If you have questions regarding the meaning of specific ingredients in your pet’s toys or clothes, speak with your veterinarian due to the presence of certain extremely hazardous chemicals. Consult your vet.
  • If you believe you need more protection than the aforementioned chemical-free techniques. Lice necklaces are the most hazardous, especially ones that contain TCVP. Inquire with your veterinarian about alternatives to oral flea deterrents on prescription.

You want to keep your pet safe and healthy as a pet owner, but occasionally, your pet’s curiosity can get him into trouble. Animals use their tongues to explore their environment and are capable of ingesting poison. What should I do if chemicals in pet goods hurt me, my child, or my animal companion?

The ASPCA provides information to pet owners about potential pet toxicities around the clock, 365 days a year. The ASPCA has created a list of the worst offenders, many of which can be found in and around your house. It was to assist you in taking precautions and making sure your pet stays safe.

If you never use Best Hartz flea and tick topical for dogs and puppies, so you can call a local poison control center or consult your doctor in case of an acute emergency. You can report it later by calling [800] 858-7378 to reach the National Pesticide Information Center.

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What About Veterinary Products That Are Prescribed?

Since many prescription animal drugs are flavored to make them more palatable, pets may mistake them for treats and consume more of them than is recommended. Keep all prescriptions out of your pet’s reach because curious animals might even consume unflavored pills. Children’s safety may not necessarily equate to pet safety because animals can eat through plastic bottles.

Which Additional Household Items Pose A Threat To My Pet?

Best Hartz Flea And Tick Topical For Dogs And Puppies

On the grounds that pets won’t consume these unpleasant-tasting products, products like paint, glue, and cleaning supplies are frequently put out. However, occasionally animals will guzzle liquids because they feel pleasant or have an unusual texture. Some household glues expand in the stomach and can result in a blockage that could be fatal. Household products can also contain hazardous chemicals.


Pets may be lured to consume the delectable bricks, granules, or pellets placed out for mice and rats if products meant to kill rodents are left out for them. Rodenticides eliminate rats by inducing internal bleeding, elevated calcium levels, brain enlargement, or the release of harmful gases. To stop your pet from consuming the rodenticides used by your neighbors, never place rat bait where your pet may reach it, and keep your pet inside your yard.

Pets And Insecticides

Your pet could be poisoned by ant baits, bug sprays, and foggers. But the best Hartz flea and tick topical for dogs and puppies didn’t make a problem. In order to use these items correctly and protect pets from exposure both during and after usage, read the labels carefully. All insecticides should be kept up high and out of a pet’s reach.

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Pets And Garden Products

Many substances that are used on lawns, gardens, and flowerbeds can be hazardous to animals. Pets may be drawn to fertilizers made of bone or blood meal, which can lead to pancreatitis or clump in the intestines or stomach and produce a blockage. Toxic compounds may also be included in other lawn fertilizers and herbicides.

You must take care of your cat or dog because they like to understand their friends. By utilizing the best products, you can perhaps make your cat’s fur healthy and free of fleas. For the best experience, you can use the best Hartz flea and tick topical for dogs and puppies.