Best Dog Food for Pugs

Today, we are going to talk about the Best Dog Food for Pugs reviews, as well as honest thoughts about each of them. Whenever you are looking for the best dog foods for both smaller and larger breeds of dogs, for adults or puppies, you can look it up in our other article here. Make sure to seek out more on our website here, and follow our website for up-to-date information regarding pet health and pet foods review.

First, let’s talk about pugs and what they need in their daily food bowl. Pugs are a small dog breed that is popular not just in the US but all around the world. Pugs are loved for their goofy looks, cute, and easy to keep due to them being a smaller breed of dog. However, even though pugs are small breeds, they still need quite a good amount of nutrition, calorie, protein, vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients.

Many people thoughts that due to them being small dog breeds, pugs don’t need that many nutrients and calories. However, this is often problematic because dogs still need a good amount of calories and nutrients in their daily intake. So, even though Pugs has small body, it doesn’t mean that you should cut off their calorie intake they need a balanced amount of calories, carbs, and protein for their growth.

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Best Dog Food for Pugs

So, What Do Pugs Need In Their Dog Foods?

To better understand which is the Best Dog Food for Pugs, we need to understand what they need. What nutrients should you look for, and generally, how do you make well-balanced diets for your pugs?

So, a good diet for your pugs is determined by your dog’s age. If you have pug puppies, then they will need foods that give them high amounts of protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and fats. Fats are needed for sustained energy. Therefore, fatty acids would need to promote healthy fur, coats, skin, and joints. DHA formula is also great for brain development, and these are nutrients you should look for.

For adult dogs, it is pretty much the same as for puppies or younger dogs. However, it is best for adult pugs to cut off their fat intake and make it low-carb. If you want to give them dog foods with high carbs and fats, make sure to give them exercise, walk them, play catch with them, and many more.

However, many dogs have certain allergies and sensitivities and considering there are many brands and different types of dog foods, the Best dog food for pugs ideally shouldn’t have any dangerous and questionable items, such as grains and fatty oil. Grains can be dangerous for your dogs due to some dogs having sensitivities to grain; it can cause inflammation, digestive problems, and many more, so beware of it.

These Are The Top 6 Best Dog Food For Pugs

  • Royal Canin Pug Carlin, Dry Adult Dog Food

Royal Canin Pug Carlin, Dry Adult Dog Food

The Royal Canin Pug Carlin is specifically designed for dog food for small breeds and designed for adult pugs. It has a chicken flavor and is primarily made of chicken meal mixed with grains like oatmeal, rice, ground corn, and brown rice. It is dry dog food, meaning that you can store it on shelves for quite a period. It is specifically made for pugs and boasts the unique qualities of dog foods.

The nutrition is formulated to address many health-related problems of pugs, such as brittle bones and sometimes lethargy. It has many omega fatty acids, fibers, vitamins, and minerals that keep your pug’s wrinkles clean, smooth, and healthy.

Dog food contains grain. However, it is formulated, so it is gentle on the Pug stomach and prevents common allergens that can be found, for example, corn and chicken fats, meal and other chicken by-products. Other than that, one biggest concern of this dog food are the low fiber inside this package, so you will need to monitor your puppy’s digestive closely.

  • Purina Pro Plan for Small Breed with Shredded Formula

Purina Pro Plan, Small Breed dog food with shredded blend beef

You might have already heard about the Purina Pro Plan dog food brand. This time, the Purina Pro plan has made small-breed dog food designed for all life stages of small dogs, such as pugs. It features great contents of protein, however, contain some grains such as soybean and corn gluten meal. It has chicken and rice with the shredded chicken blend.

It has quite high protein content with more than 26% of protein, so it is very suitable for young and pug puppies. It has joint-friendly glucosamine for your pugs to help boost the joints of your pug. One thing to keep in mind is that these products contain a lot of corn and wheat, so if your puppies seem allergic and sensitive to grain, you should be careful about it.

However, the Purina Pro plan comes in very affordable pricing, as the value is very cost-effective for your budget, but to keep your pug’s diet complete and healthy, you might still need to adjust it with extra kibbles, vegetables, and fruits.

  • Royal Canin Beauty Adult, Canned Dog food

Royal Canin Beauty Adult, Canned Dog food

Royal Canin beauty adult is preserved canned dog food recommended for small breed dogs such as pugs. It is made primarily from a blend of chicken and rice, with also some pork by-products such as pork liver. The 5 main ingredients in this blend are pork liver, pork meat, chicken meat, chicken liver, chicken meals, and wheat flour.

Royal Canine has quite high prices; however, it can give the best nutritional value for your pugs. It has good value for money. It has quite high protein content; however, there is a lot of flour inside them. It is one of the Best Dog food for pugs when it comes to protein and calorie contents, though.

  • Complete Wellness Health Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Wellness, Complete Healthy Breed Dog food

Complete Wellness is a popular brand, and what we find the best choices for pugs is their turkey and oatmeal bland for small dog breeds. It is made from primarily deboned turkey, salmon, and chicken meals, oatmeal, and a mix of brown rice. It comes in dry dog food forms and is packed with high protein and calories for your pugs.

Other than turkey and a mix of chicken, there are also other fruits and superfoods inside this package, such as blueberries, flax seeds, and spinach, as well as salmon oil. However, some people have complained about an unpleasant smell after their dog eats this. This is probably due to the strong smell of salmon oil and its high protein content.

  • Hill’s Science Dog Diet Dry Food

Hill’s Science Diet, Dog food for large and giant breed 

Hill’s scientific diet is one of the most popular dog food in the US, as it is prescription food that offers prescription options that can be adjusted and suitable for personal. There are also other non-prescription options for Hill’s science dog food.

What we are going to review here is the chicken flavor of Hill’s science dry dog food, made primarily with a mix of chicken and some gluten meal. It is made of deboned chicken, cracked and pearled barley, pea fiber, corn gluten meal, and brown rice. It comes in the form of a pellet, and it is adjustable depending on your prescription.

It is considered one of the best prescription dog food by many vets. However, there are also many cons, such as some questionable ingredients like barley, pea fiber, and rice. You should also know that there is a lot of gluten meal here, with some artificial flavors and with additional salts. Overall, it is a bit overpriced for what it offers, especially for other choices of dog food in this list.

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  • Purine Beneful IncrediBites for Small Breed Dog Food

Purine Beneful IncrediBites for Small Breed Dog Food

The Purine Beneful Incredibites are designed for small dog breeds such as Pomeranians and Pugs. It has a beef flavor, with the top 5 ingredients made primarily from shredded beef, beef liver, whole grain corn and barley, whole grain wheat, and mixed with chicken meal. It contains a lot of protein, and with real beef meat as its ingredient, it is quite popular taste among dogs.

In the package, you will also get many fine animal by-products, such as beef liver and chicken meal, along with some salts as well as artificial flavors. The manufacturers keep on checklists of many ingredients and foods that your dogs might not tolerate so you can check on them.

Purina Beneful has beneficial protein, with the mixture of tender meat treats and hard kibble, and should be suitable for most breeds of dogs, from Pomeranians to Puts. However, there are some questionable ingredients inside the package, such as grains, so there are other options for the Best dog food for pugs out there.

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So, these are reviews on some of the Best Dog Food for Pugs you can find on the current market. To get the best for your pugs, you will need to understand how many calories, protein, and fats you need for your pugs. Different age also contributes to different best diets for your dog; as such, you need to be considerate of how much nutrients you give your pugs, so they can become active, happy, and playful.