Best Dog Food for Pomeranians

Pomeranian is one of the small races of dogs, and small dogs, require quite different nutritional needs compared with many other larger breeds and are even different from some small breeds of dogs. Now, we are going to discuss the Best Dog Food for Pomeranians reviews of more than 7 Best dog foods you can get for Pomeranians, so If you are a Pomeranian owner, you should take a closer look here.

So, what should you look for when buying food for smaller dogs like Pomeranians? Small dogs have higher and faster metabolic rates compared with larger dogs, so you will need to provide them with sufficient calories every day for them to stay healthy; and choosing Best Dog Food for Pomeranians.

Some pet owners would be surprised after learning that such a small dog would require a surprising amount of calories compared with the larger breed of dog. You will need the commitment to feed your Pomeranian with the healthiest diet you can find. So, you will also need to learn about the nutritional needs of your dogs and which are the best dog food for Pomeranians.

Best Dog Food for Pomeranians

7 Reviews Of The Best Dog Food For Pomeranians

So, what should you look for when buying dog foods for Pomeranian? First, you need to make sure that you get dog food that contains enough calories for your dog. High enough calories; however, don’t get too many carbs on the dog food. So, high calorie, low carbs, high protein, and also low fats, basically focus on high protein and calorie diets for your Pomeranian to fill them with the nutrition you need.

To put it simply, what you should be looking for in the Best dog food for Pomeranians are:

  • High calorie to satisfy your dog’s needs
  • High protein for your dog’s growth and muscle
  • Low carbs to prevent obesity
  • Low fats
  • Variety of taste
  • Vets recommendation
  • Prices for your budget

Now considering all these facts, we have reviewed more than 15 dog food brands you can find on the market, and among these, there are at least 7 recommended Best Dog food for Pomeranians.

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Farmers Dog Fresh Chicken Recipes

Farmer’s dog fresh chicken recipes were formulated dog food made from a mix of Chicken, Chicken liver, Brussels sprout, bok choy, and broccoli. It is mixed with more than 11.5% crude protein, with saturated fats of 7.5% crude content, and with 590 calories per pound.

What makes it different is that Farmer’s dog is a brand of dog food subscription that takes note of your dog’s age, breed, weight, and activity level, as it is needed to calculate the best meal and nutrition content specifically designed for your dog. We found out that the best value for the Farmer’s dog is the Fresh chicken recipe’s taste.

It has a fast and free shipping method, recipes made from fresh food, is very high in protein, and is professionally formulated by vets. However, the recipes themselves would need to be frozen or refrigerated, so it might make you uncomfortable. However, it is still considered one of the best Dog food for Pomeranian breed dogs.

  • Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Dehydrated Dog Food

Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Dehydrated Dog Food

Honest Kitchen is a brand of dehydrated dog food made from fresh, original ingredients without any preservatives. It is made by Honest kitchen brand, which features whole grains and authentic chicken meat made from ingredients that you will be familiar with, and even you can eat it yourself, such as dehydrated chicken, dehydrated potatoes, organic barley, oat, and flaxseed.

It has a content of exactly 24.5% protein content, with at least 14% min of fats, as well as at least 475 calories per cup. It has a high protein recipe and provides natural fats and fiber from flaxseeds and oats. However, it is quite an expensive dog food, and the texture itself might not appeal to some dogs.

  • Cesar Fillet Mignon flavor for Dog Food

Cesar Fillet Mignon flavor for Dog Food

If you want to make sure your dog can get high-quality dog food and enjoy a wide variety of tastes, as well as enjoying its best nutrition contents, you should try to get Cesar’s fillet mignon taste for dog food. It is quite affordable, with tasty savory flavor, as well as freshness and high nutritional content in protein and calories.

It is made from at least 26% of crude protein, as well as 12.5% of fat content. It is at least contain 350 calories per cup, enough to fill the needs of your dog. The ingredient is made from beef, real meat, ground wheat, bone meal, brewers rice, and whole grain corn. It is a protein-rich recipe with at least 26 different nutrients your small dog would need.

The pros, it is a savory taste that is quite palatable, easy to digest, easy to close bag to save up, is high in protein, and it can boost your dog’s oral and teeth health. However, it is quite high in carbohydrates, so you need to exercise your dog more often.

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  • Royal Canin, X-Small Puppy Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin, X-Small Puppy Dry Dog Food

Different ages and breeds have different nutrition needs. As such, the Royal Canin is specifically designed for puppies, as they have different nutritional contents compared with an adult, senior, and larger breeds of dogs. X-small toy breed dog was made from authentic ingredients, with chicken and wheat flavors.

The main ingredients of this dog food are made from chicken meat, brewers rice, chicken fat, corn, corn gluten meal, and grains. It was made from at least 29% of protein, and with just 17% of fat content, with a total amount of calories of more than 412 calories per cup. It is very suitable for puppies and young age dogs.

The food has small kibble sizes, perfect for smaller breed puppies like Pomeranians because they have smaller jaws. This food can be fed to your dog during the first 10 months of their life, as it provides the best nutrients to sustain them, a blend of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and protein to boost their optimal healthy development.

  • Merric Healthy Grains for Small Breed

Merric Healthy Grains for Small Breed

Merric’s healthy grains recipe was made from deboned chicken, a mix of barley, rice, chicken meal, and also turkey meal, with the nutritional content of crude protein, 16% of fats, and with 404 calories. Merrick’s classical dog food for small dog breeds has become an all-time classic for small breed lovers due to its affordable and also with FDA-approved formulae.

It contains healthy formulated nutritional contents, perfect for the smaller dog breed, with high protein, calcium, minerals, as well as calories to fill their needs. It is formulated with FDA-approved formula, and it boosts healthy digestion, skin, and coat health. However, the bag is not resalable. Therefore you need to get a dog food container for it.

  • Wellness, Complete Healthy Breed Dog food

Wellness, Complete Healthy Breed Dog food

Wellness complete healthy for small breed dog food is a type of dry food that is specifically designed to meet your small dog’s high energy needs, faster metabolic rate, and higher calorie intake. It is also balanced and provides higher protein contents, as well as fiber, vitamins, and minerals that could provide a boost to digestion, skin, and coat health for your dog.

The recipe itself was FDA approved, which provides a balance of fats, protein, and mineral that is formulated with fatty acids and omega 3, and promote healthy skin with calcium and vitamin A for your dog. However, this type of dog food is pretty expensive, so it can be pricey for budget people.

The pros of this wellness are complete healthy small dog food, provides high-quality protein content, provides authentic ingredients of chicken and mixed with rice, plus carrots peas, and contains many healthy nutritions such as minerals, calcium, and vitamins your dog will need for its development age.

  • Instinct Raw Boost, for small breed dog food

Best Dog Food for Pomeranians

Instinct raw boost specifically made for smaller dog breed foods, provided with the kibble-sized bite, and also freeze-dried pieces. It features a healthy chicken meal mixed with chicken meal and fats, chickpeas, and tapioca to get the best calorie for your dog. It contains at least 35% of protein, with 20% of crude fats. Calories content of at least 469 mg, which is quite high.

It features the perfect balance of fats, calories, and protein, and it contains one of the highest calories you can find from dog food. It is grain-free, but you should be asked first about the grain-free diets. Your vets have to know which diet is the best for your dogs.

Pros of this brand, it contains probiotics to boost your dog’s digestive health, antioxidants for immunity and promotes skin and coat health. It also has high-calorie contents, letting your dog be full for quite a long time. The prices, however, are quite pricy, with no-ingredient sourcing transparency.

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So, that’s the 7 Best Dog Food for Pomeranians recommended by experienced vets, as well as reviews from the contents, nutritional value, as well as pricing for its best value for prices. If you like, make sure to check out our other article here for recommendations for the best wet and dry dog food for any breed.